Zero Water reviews – Zero Water Dispenser Review

Zero Water reviews

We spent more than 30 hours of testing water filters. After spending the hours in our offices, we concluded that ZeroWater 1 cup pitcher filter is a great filter for those looking for a pitcher which can guarantee them the purest and safest water. If you do not prefer installing a reverse osmosis system in your kitchen, then buying the ZeroWater pitcher can be a great idea. From our research, we concluded it is the best water pitcher available in the market currently.

It is highly effective in removing lead and other unhealthy metals from the water. Use of lead pipes for extended periods can lead to the heavy metals leaking into the drinking water. There are several other systems you can use to remove lead from tap water but buying a ZeroWater filter system is the cheapest option. It works in a simple way which is unlike installing a reverse osmosis water filtration system. The pitcher is also effective than most filtrations systems which you will install directly to the kitchen faucets

It is also convenient for you to have a water filtrations system which can easily fit into your refrigerator shelf. A portable pitcher system which is portable allows you to carry it around and purify water from any location you may have traveled. It is more convenient than the fixed reverse osmosis systems which will require more space and you will have to install them in the kitchen or a fixed place.

Zero Water reviews – How to find the best water filter

In our research, we identified three main factors which should be taken into consideration when trying to locate the best water filter. First, the quality of water produced by the filter plays a great role when deciding on the best pitcher. The main reason for buying a water filter is to get rid of harmful particles from the drinking water. The water filter should do the job of filtering the harmful particles from the water effectively.

The ergonomic design of the water pitcher is another factor to consider. The water filters should be easy to use. You should as well check on how you can easily move the water filters around. The lid should fit snuggly to prevent spilling of the pre-filtered water. Remember it will be hectic if the pitcher will keep on spilling water as you move it from the sink to the refrigerator.

The final factor to consider is where you should ensure the water tastes great. Taste can vary depending on individual preferences. The main issue should be the water should always taste clean. The effectiveness of chlorine and other metals will contribute greatly to the taste of water.

Some people will as well consider the speed at which the pitcher can filter the water. It should be a minor consideration provided you have all the time to have the pitcher in your home.

Zero Water reviews – Why ZeroWater filter is different?

Zero Water reviews

Zero Water reviews

The ZeroWater filter work different from other water filters in the market. In most cases, water pitchers apply activated carbon which is an ion-exchange resin. It causes contaminants such as chlorine and other heavy metals to attach to it. After the contaminants have attached to the filter, clean water flows through the filter hence allowing you to access clean drinking water.

The ZeroWater stands out because it uses a 5 stage filtering process. The process involved includes an ion-exchange stage which uses activated carbon stage. The ZeroWater filters produce water which is almost devoid of harmful contaminants. The water produced is similar to the one you will access after passing the drinking water through a reverse osmosis process. If you have ever tested distilled water, then the quality of water you will realize upon application of the water filters is close to the distilled water in qualities.

Zero Water reviews – What made us like the ZeroWater Pitcher?

There are several things which made us like the ZeroWater pitcher. First, the water pitcher is effective in removing all dissolved solids which include total dissolved solids which can be measured by the meter available on the pitcher itself. The meter reads 000 to indicate all the heavy metals dissolved in water have been removed.

We also appreciated that fact that the water pitchers do not need to be presoaked before we can use them. It is an advantage over several other leading brands in the industry.

The ZeroWater pitcher has an ergonomic design. It is easy to hold and it comes with a spout at the bottom which makes it easy when it comes to pouring water. You do not have to take the whole pitcher out of the refrigerator before you can pour out water. When carrying the pitcher around is very easy due to the provided handle.

Zero Water reviews

There is a recycling and a rebate program which helps in conserving the environment. The company is among few which are careful in conserving the environment hence their recycling program plays a great role in preserving the environment. After speaking to the CEO of the company, Mr. Doug Kallam indicated to us that the pitchers can be completely recycled and recharged for the next use. With their recycling program, nothing will end up in the landfill hence they contribute towards conserving the environment.

Apart from offering a recycling program, they also offer $10 coupon for two filters which are mailed back to the company. It is a great way to offset the cost of shipping. The coupons also help you to remain with some money which you can use to buy another set of filters.

The zero water dissolved solids when filtering tap water falls between the typical ranges of 51-200. In municipalities with water with TDS higher than 500 tend to require more filters. You will tend to filter less water before you require a replacement if you live in such places. In our test, we tested the water using the San Diego tap. The tap water had a typical reading which was about 480. Despite ZeroWaters warnings, we filtered between 15 and 20 gallons using each filter. Your usage may vary based on the amount of dissolved substances in the water.

Zero Water reviews – How ZeroWater pitchers perform when compared to others ?

The water pitcher performs favorably when compared to other filters in the market. You may have to wait more before the filters can filter a cup of water; the wait is worth considering you will have to access more water. The cost is also a bit high when compared to other brands, but the ZeroWater pitchers are great when it comes to the quality of water you will get after the filtration process.

ZeroWater vs Brita

From our tests, ZeroWater was a clear winner. There is a reason why Brita is the most sold water filters in the market. The water pitcher has been in the North American market for more than 30 years. Brita has the least expensive filters and they are among the fastest to filter water. Among the five water filters we tested, Brita emerged to be the fastest. If you need a water filter which can filter water
fast and it is affordable, then you will be on the right track if you go for Brita.

ZeroWater vs PUR

In our tests, we were disappointed by PUR water filters. The water filtration process through PUR took longer than other types of filters. The test of water we obtained was polarizing as well. There are people who love the way PuR water tastes. In our case, we did not like the way the water tasted.

ZeroWater vs MAVEA

From our tests, we felt that the MAVEA elemaris water filter was the only one which beat our ZeroWater filter. Zero water filter dissolves a lot of sold particles, Mavea pitcher performed slightly better overall. Some of the factors we took into consideration include the ergonomic of Mavea pitcher and the affordability of the required replacement filters. They also have a recycling program which made us pick them as the best overall water filters.

After carrying out enough research, zero still remains the best water filtration system you need if you are looking for a way you can get the purest water.

Zero Water reviews – Why you should buy ZeroWater pitcher?

Even ZeroWater Company CEO agrees the water filters are not for everyone. If you would like to have a water pitcher which can help you remove all contaminants from drinking water, then you need to go for the water pitchers. They are made with powerful filters which can remove all the possible harmful contaminants in water. You will be required to pay a slightly premium price to access the water filters. If you can opt for the ZeroWater 10 cup water pitcher, it is a fantastic option.

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The test of water and the ability of the water filters to remove most contaminants from water make them among the best. If you insist on achieving the best quality drinking water, then going for ZeroWater pitchers will be a great way. Their replacement program where you can recycle the water filters even makes them an eco-friendly company you can deal with when trying to purify your drinking water.

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